About Mrs. Oakley

Hello! I'm Mrs. Oakley and I'm your child's art teacher at the wonderful Wilson Creek Elementary School. I have taught art education for 10 years, Kindergarten through 8th grade. I earned a BA in Studio Art from Furman University, an MAT in Art Education from Coastal Carolina University, and an Ed.S in Curriculum and Instruction from Kennesaw State University.

In addition to creating art, I love spending time with my family. I have been married for 5 years, and have a beautiful 8 month old son name Lenox. Cool tidbit: Lenox was born December 23, and my birthday is December 24! 

I also have two dogs, Stella- my boxer baby, and Emma- our sassy malti-poo. 

Class Rules

1.Come in and sit down quietly.

2. Listen carefully to directions.

3. Stay in seat and work diligently.

4. Clean up table when asked.

5. Line up quietly in a single file line.  

What's my student doing in art?

Kindergarten is reading the book Chick chicka Boom Boom. We are now creating a wax resist artwork using construction paper crayons and water color. Students will add a border to their art as a final touch!

Art Work

Artwork is returned to the students once each project is completed. 

Artome Art Show
This show will coincide with the Folk Art Dance on April 29. 

First grade will be studying the artwork of Henri Matisse. Students are learning organic and geometric shapes as well as safely using our scissors. 

Second Grade is studying the works of Grandma Moses. We are creating landscapes and learning all the areas of depth in an art. Vocabulary terms include Horizon line, background, midground, foreground.

Third grade is studying the art of Gustav Klimt and the art nouveau movement. Students are creating a self portrait focusing on patterns.

Fourth grade is creating a Klimt inspired tree of life. Students will be painting using warm and cool colors for the background.

Square One Art Fundraiser

Students will be participating in the square one art fundraiser. Information for ordering products will be sent home late October. Items will arrive at the school in December! Perfect for holiday gifts!

Fifth Grade is learning about value and the impact color choices can have in art. Students are using water color on top of a sharpie pattern wheel to show the gradient changes in their colors. 

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